Shape instabilities in vesicles: A phase-field model

Year: 2007
  • Campelo, F.
  • Hernández-Machado, A.
Journal: European Physical Journal e Volume: 143
Pages: 101-108
ISSN: 1292-8941
A phase field model for dealing with shape instabilities in fluid membrane vesicles is presented. This model takes into account the Canham-Helfrich bending energy with spontaneous curvature. A dynamic equation for the phase-field is also derived. With this model it is possible to see the vesicle shape deformation dynamically, when some external agent instabilizes the membrane, for instance, inducing an inhomogeneous spontaneous curvature. The numerical scheme used is detailed and some stationary shapes are shown together with a shape diagram for vesicles of spherical topology and no spontaneous curvature, in agreement with known results.
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