Experiments of periodic forcing of Saffman-Taylor fingers

Year: 2008
  • Torralba, M.
  • Ortín, J.
  • Hernández-Machado, A.
  • Poiré, E. Corvera
Journal: Physical Review E Volume: 77
Pages: 036207-1-036207-9
ISSN: 1539-3755
We report on an experimental study of long normal Saffman-Taylor fingers subject to periodic forcing. The sides of the finger develop a low amplitude, long wavelength instability. We discuss the finger response in stationary and nonstationary situations, as well as the dynamics towards the stationary states. The response frequency of the instability increases with forcing frequency at low forcing frequencies, while, remarkably, it becomes independent of forcing frequency at large forcing frequencies. This implies a process of wavelength selection. These observations are in good agreement with previous numerical results reported in [ Ledesma-Aguilar et al. Phys. Rev. E 71 016312 (2005)]. We also study the average value of the finger width, and its fluctuations, as a function of forcing frequency. The average finger width is always smaller than the width of the steady-state finger. Fluctuations have a nonmonotonic behavior with a maximum at a particular frequency.
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